Protect your patient's most vulnerable data.

We understand the need for heightened security for our healthcare providers.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Secure patient records and prevents cyber attacks.

Managed IT Support

Keep your healthcare practice error-free, with 99.9% uptime.

Leverage Cloud Solutions

Leverage the latest cloud solutions for scheduling, and billing.

Keep healthcare records confidential.

Our cybersecurity experts tailor a cyber program that meets your business needs and requirements through a combination of technical, administrative, and data controls. 

Simplify regulatory compliance with Secure247+

Secure247+ is a cyber program that adopts a strategic framework from NIST and CISA to create a cyber security eco-system that minimizes risk and implements high-level visibility of endpoints accessing your private data.

Discover cyber security solutions for healthcare providers.

We quickly get you started on the path to becoming compliant. There are several options, no matter the size of your business or budget. 

Reduce your attack surface.

The more third parties you are working with, the higher the risk for exploits and cyber attacks.

Still have questions?
We perform due diligence

Each third party vendor is carefully vetted to ensure adequate safeguards for our clients and the data we collect.

Understand HIPAA cyber requierments

Our team explains the cyber security solutions required prior to implementing new tools.

Hyper-focused on cyber security

We understand the risk level involved as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to our healthcare clients.

Encryption Solutions

Secure private data from theft or attackers.

Disaster Recovery Sites & Rackspace

NY rackspace and TIER II datacenter.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Isolate devices that become cyber threats.

Evidencing and Reporting

Centrally managed and securely stored logs.