Ensure the highest level of protection for your industry.

Our cybersecurity experts are confident in their ability to design and deploy a tailored cybersecurity program for your business needs.

Cybersecurity is not a cookie-cutter solution! Our engineers develop, deploy, and tailor each cybersecurity ecosystems to NIST Cybersecurity standards, and to meet specific industry requirements such as NYSDFS CRR 500, HIPAA, FINRA.


Physical devices, personnel, and systems on your network.


The overall defense, backups, policies, plans, and cyber-tools to secure IT systems.


24×7 detection solutions and event collection from multiple sources and sensors.


Automatic cyber tools and incident policies to take swift action when threats are detected.


Plans and assistance with recovery services following a cyber security event.

Select pricing that works for you

Our highly configurable functionalities and scalable implementation facilitates the development, delivery, and operation of all future projects as your MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider).

Outsource Cybersecurity tools or projects

Overwhelmed IT departments can benefit from managed cloud log retention, backups, or MFA tools. Included 24x7 IT support from our helpdesk.

Cyber security consulting or projects

Engage our experts for email or server migrations, regulatory compliance, or SSO projects to improve your IT cybersecurity stance.

Full service cyber security

Bundle cybersecurity solutions for one predictable monthly fee, and leverage our cyber experts to quickly improve your IT cybersecurity stance.

Secure Backups

Cloud backup solutions and cold storage disaster recovery site options on Long Island, NY.

Encryption Services

IT systems, databases, transport protocols, email encryption tools, and Bitlocker key storage.


VPN Replacement & Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solutions, and comprehensive network security

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Deployments, maintenance, SSO/SAML, and consulting with cyber-tools.

Network Monitoring (SIEM)

Complete IT visibility, logging, and detection of threats, by humans.

NYSDFS CRR 500 Compliance

We quickly get you started on the path to becoming compliant.

Email Security & Spam Filtering

Send PII/private data securely and with confidence.


Isolate and contain cyber threats preventing viruses and ransomware.

(MFA) Multifactor Authentication

Configuration, support, and maintenance for MFA solutions.

NYSDFS CRR 500 Compliance

We quickly get you started on the path to becoming compliant.

Patch Management

Keep IT Systems and equipment up-to-date.

Managed Detection / Response (MDR)

24x7 monitoring and antivirus solutions.

CCTV/Physical Access Controls

24x7 DVR/NVR solutions and secure physical access solutions.

Password Vaults

Secure password storage solutions for your employees.


Cloud security, SAML/SSO configuration, and roles.

Network Security

Defensive network architecture to reduce your attack surface.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Eliminate traditional VPN with network and security in the cloud to provide low latency, secure connections to any identified resource.

Digital Defense at every layer

It is no longer if but when..

According to a study done in 2020 Cyber Security Data Breaches cost small businesses on average $3.86 Million per incident.

Deploy Email Security

Email malware creation increases by 26% year over year

Monitor Privileged Access

Your MSP (managed service provider) may be the highest risk to your private data.

Why deploy EDR?

93% of ransomware is Windows-based executables

What can you do to defend your network?

Secure End Solution has upheld an A+ 2024 BBB® Ratings

Partner with a technology partner that is hyper-focused on cyber security.

Our unique MSP partnership with FCI Cybersecurity and various IT security vendors provides our technicians with the latest guidance, education, and strict standards to uphold.

Simplify regulatory compliance

We quickly get you started on the path to becoming compliant. There are several options, no matter the size of your business or budget. This way when the inevitable breach does occur, there is no question about your cyber compliance.

Cut down on financial risks

Cybersecurity solutions for financial firms.