A partnership that secures your business

Our cybersecurity experts utilize trusted cybersecurity vendors to design and deploy a cybersecurity program tailored to your industry and specific business needs. 

Cyber risks are growing

It is no longer if but when..

According to a study done in 2020 Cyber Security Data Breaches cost small businesses on average $3.86 Million per incident.

Is your company exposed to unnecessary cyber risk?

MSP’s are one of the highest risks to your private data. With elevated access to your network and data, your partner MSP is critical.

Cybersecurity tools have become complex and costly for IT teams.

The average oraganization has more than 46 cybersecurity monitoring tools. Most sec ops teams are drowning in alerts.

Partner with a technology partner that is hyper-focused on cyber security.

Our unique MSP partnership with FCI Cybersecurity provides our technicians with granular access controls, separation of duties, checks and balances, and strict cybersecurity standards to adhere to that other MSP’s are not upheld to.

Our Mission

Secure End Solution provides a multitude of IT services including network monitoring and design, cloud infrastructure services, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Since 2013, Secure End Solution (SES) has served Long Island, NYC & NJ areas. 

We are dedicated to providing our clients with cost-effective Information Technology and Cybersecurity solutions to meet demanding requirements from Cybersecurity regulations such as SEC, FINRA, NYDFS, and HIPAA.

Secure your business from cyberattacks.

Find out 10 reasons why small businesses need better cybersecurity.
SOC Services

Complete IT visibility, logging, and detection of threats, by humans.

Cloud Monitoring

Real-time comprehensive cloud threat intelligence feeds.


We quickly get you started on the path to becoming compliant.


Isolate and contain cyber threats preventing viruses and ransomware.

Zero Trust

Next gen identification and protection from anywhere.

Email Security

Send PII/private data securely and with confidence.

Network Security

Defensive network architecture to reduce your attack surface.

Identity Security

Prevent phishing of credentials or fraudulent login attempts with MFA.

Password Vaults

Encrypt and secure passwords for your organization.

The S.I.C.T Framework

A flexible framework to advise on cyber regulations, deploy cyber security tools, and monitor/respond/log cyber alerts. S.I.C.T’s flexibility can be applied to any IT stack.

Identity Guard

The protection of an employee’s identity against fraud and phishing.

Secure Shield

The defense of a network, and IT systems with access to private data.

Cloud Secure

24×7 monitoring, logging, and alerting for cloud applications and resources.

Threat Hunter

Preventing cyber threats from escalating within the network or devices. 

Select pricing that works for you

Our highly configurable functionalities and scalable implementation facilitates the development, delivery, and operation of all future projects.

Outsource logging, backups, or tools

Overwhelmed IT departments can benefit from managed cloud log retention, backups, or MFA tools. Included 24x7 IT support from our helpdesk.

Full service cyber security

Bundle cybersecurity solutions for one predictable monthly fee, and leverage our cyber experts to quickly improve your IT cyber security stance.

Cyber security consulting or projects

Engage our experts for email or server migrations, regulatory compliance, or SSO projects to improve your IT cyber security stance.

Secure Backups

Cloud backup solutions or disaster recovery site options on Long Island, NY.

Encryption Services

IT system, databases, transport protocols, and email encryption tools.

Cyber Programs

A comprehensive set of policies and controls that considers cybersecurity regulations required by your industry.

Mobile Device Management

Control devices with access to private data on or off your network.