Our partnership starts with transparency.

We work quickly to improve your overall IT security posture and meet strict industry compliance.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Secure private data and IT systems accessing private data.

Managed IT Support

Keep your business operations running smoothly and error free.

Encompass Support

Leverage the latest mortgage loan origination technology.

Secure private data

Our cybersecurity experts tailor a cyber program that meets your business needs and requirements through a combination of technical, administrative, and data controls. 

Simplify regulatory compliance through Secure247+

Secure247+ is a cyber program that adopts a strategic framework from NIST and CISA to create a cybersecurity eco-system that minimizes risk and implements high-level visibility of endpoints accessing your private data.

Discover our cybersecurity solutions for financial firms.

We quickly get you started on the path to becoming compliant. There are several options, no matter the size of your business or budget. This way when the inevitable breach does occur, there is no question about your cyber compliance.

Get a competitive advantage.

We leverage technology to increase the efficiency of transactions and services for successful private banks and local lenders across the United States.

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Mortgage industry experience

We understand firsthand the cyber security regulations imposed on the mortgage industry.

Increase operations efficiency

Our team has in-depth knowledge of mortgage technology and loan origination software.

Hyper-focused on cyber security

We understand NYSDFS CRR Part 500 as your third-party vendor and the risk level involved as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to our financial service clients.

Encryption Solutions

Secure private data from theft or attackers.

Disaster Recovery Sites & Rackspace

NY rackspace and TIER II datacenter.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Isolate devices that become cyber threats.

Evidencing and Reporting

Centrally managed and securely stored logs.

Cut down on financial risks

Learn how we manage IT security risks and compliance to keep your business, and data secure.

Encompass Support Service (ESS)

ESS helpdesk can be utilized as an extra set of hands to secure and maintain your Encompass users, and reporting database, or to consult and engage with vendors on your behalf to complete encompass projects and testing. 

Increase efficiency of your sales and operations

ESS packages are designed to fit any budget, size, or project and provide you with customized solutions to leverage the latest mortgage loan origination technology.

Encompass Helpdesk

Password resets, access controls, and general support.

Encompass Security

Loan file access controls, user access review, and SSO projects.

Encompass Consulting

Work with a certified Encompass Administrator.

Encompass Reporting

Reporting database maintenance and automated reports.

Encompass Projects

Complete large projects on an accelerated timeline.

Encompass Plugin/SDK

Implement plugins and services with your loan origination software.