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Defend and protect your must vulnerable data

Our 25+ years of network expertise, partnered with FCI Cybersecurity’s team of cybersecurity experts can quickly improve your organizations overall IT security posture, network design, and cybersecurity program to meet and exceed regulatory compliance guidelines.





Cyber Compliance With Ease

Secure247+ utilizes strategic framework to create a cybersecurity eco-system for your network that minimizes risk and provides high-level visibility of endpoints with access to your data.

Are You Operating At High Risk?

Download our cyber risk profiling e-book today to assess your current infrastructure.

Our goal is to detect and prevent cyber-attacks to your company and private data.

Feel confident that the cybersecurity program in place for your organization, is one that mitigates risk and creates high-level visibility for endpoints with access to private data. Our cyber program is designed with NIST and CISA Framework in mind. The result is a strong cyber ecosystem with zero-trust capabilities that restricts access to private data, regardless of the location. 

Secure247+ Scales With Your Business

Continuous Monitoring

USA based SOC + NOC's located in New Jersey and New York. Staffed by cybersecurity experts.

Endpoint Visibility

Data Access Controls that deny access to applications until the endpoint is visible and compliant

Evidencing & Reporting

Firewall, network, and IT system logs securely stored and centrally managed.