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Firewall/Network Switch Configurations

At the core of your network infrastructure the equipment, technology, cabling, and cloud solutions should be fully efficient, available 24/7, and properly configured to defend your organization against cyber-threats

Enterprise Firewalls are the first line of defense against attackers; and  double as the role of  “gatekeeper” of connectivity between satellite offices, remote workers, and cloud services requesting access your network

Backup Solutions

We maintain, configure, and test contingency plans/solutions to prevent downtime in the event of a disaster for your network

Your organization’s data is critical; and a proper backup solution is essential to protect that asset. We configure local backup solutions, cloud backup solutions, and test that the program in place meets the requirements for your industry 

WiFi / Network Consulting​

Slow network? Moving locations? Wifi upgrades? We make network expansion easy for your organization.

We have deployed fully-functional back office solutions for clients throughout NY, NJ & Long Island. Our technicians have the experience and confidence to implement the best possible network solution for your business

Server Migrations - Virtualization

With technology advancing so rapidly, virtualization of physical servers might be the most cost-effective solution for your organization

Cloud technology has many benefits; increased availability, less points-of-failure, lower cost of operation, fewer physical components to maintain, etc. Cloud solutions are available for email, active directory, VoIP & fileshare servers, CRM programs, Quickbooks, and other applications

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