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Cyber Security

Ensure your data is safeguarded from ransomware, viruses, and threats by proactively searching for vulnerabilities & cyber-threats. Our cyber security team will put our tools to work for you. Have peace of mind with around-the-clock monitoring of servers, email, workstations, and traffic on your network

NIST Framework



Develop an organizational understanding to manage cybersecurity risk to
systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities



Providing safeguards to ensure delivery of critical services




Develop and implement appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a
cybersecurity event.



Develop and implement appropriate activities to take action regarding a
detected cybersecurity incident.



Develop and implement appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and to restore any capabilities or services that were impaired

Endpoint Antivirus

24/7 endpoint protection for each device, with real-time alerts and automatic isolation in the event of ransomware, viruses, malware & adware infections

SOC / NOC Monitoring

Identifying risks and cyber-threats to your network is a critical component of cyber-security


Documentation, policies, and guidelines to secure company data from cyber-threats

+ Defense at every level

Cybersecurity isn't just about creating strong passwords..

Email is the largest vector for attackers, who often send spam/phishing campaigns to employees with links to fake websites that collect passwords. When this breach occurs, those without multi-factor authentication enabled will face a data breach. 

Email however; is only one of many ways attackers can gain unauthorized access to your systems. Weak WIFI security, open ethernet jacks, unprotected scanners, unpatched machines on your network, open ports, misconfigured firewalls and a handful of other malicious attacks take place at alarming speeds. 

Our cybersecurity team has the tools to alert us of threats in real time, defend against email attackers, harden devices and networks, and provide your organization with the 24/7 peace of mind that it is fully protected in the event of an attack.

Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks to your company or business data.

You should feel confident that the cyber-security solution in place for your organization, is one that defends against all attack vectors.

Email Protection / Spam Filtering
Multi Factor Authentication
Server Patches / Maintenance
Endpoint Protection
+ 0
phishing attempts
+ 0
threats identified
+ 0
DUO intergrations

+ 2 Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication is a standard for all employee email accounts

+ Encryption

For data-at-rest, servers and workstations will be encrypted to prevent data from being read in the event of lost or stolen hardware