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Long Island's Cybersecurity Focused MSP

Improve your cybersecurity stance with an MSP that is hyper-focused on defending, remediating, and patching vulnerabilities. 

Experienced and Reliable

Our firm is partnered with some of the most trusted vendors in IT. Our unique partnerships allow our team to expand their knowledge and certifications with the latest technology demos and vulnerabilities.

Complex Data and Technical Safeguards

Our MSP has a comprehensive cyber program in place that includes Information Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, annual employee training requirements, and through third-party vendor due diligence. 

We take measures to ensure our vendors, accounts, software, and services provided to your firm have adequate safeguards in place prior to deployment. 

  • Enforced MFA across customer services
  • Network security & segregated data storage practices
  • Internal least privilege principals
  • Internal patching program and alerting
  • Encrypted cloud backup solutions
  • Restricted software & service access

Constant Vigilance

Our team of certified cybersecurity experts work hand-in-hand with our network administrators to identify and respond to threats detected by our NY based Security Operations Center. Our MSP maintains full visibility on your IT stack.

  • 24×7 Resource Monitoring (Cloud)
  • 24×7 Network Monitoring
  • 24×7 Threat Monitoring with Response
  • 24×7 Account Escalation Monitoring (Email/Cloud)
  • 24×7 Firewall Monitoring

Strong Threat Analysis.

Real-time comprehensive threat intelligence feeds alerts from multiple sources into our SOC. Our SOC is headquartered in a Tier II datacenter in Nassau County, New York. This redundancy allows for continued 24×7 monitoring, alerting, log evidence collection, rapid response, and new vulnerability detection.

  • CISA alerts and emergency directives
  • DarkWeb ID Monitoring
  • SOPHOS Cloud Optix/Intercept X & EDR 
  • O365/Google Workspace monitors
  • Network and endpoint monitors

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