Managed Cyber-Security & Compliance


Cyber security

24/7 Endpoint Protection

24/7 endpoint protection for each device. Stay protected from ransomware, viruses, malware & trojans

HIPAA Policy & Procedures

We establish policies and handling procedures that are HIPAA compliant

Business Continuity Planning

Minimal downtime in the event of a major disaster. Your data and infrastructure can be recovered safely and efficiently

Security Risk Assessments

Identifying risks and cyber-threats to your network is a critical component of cyber-security

Data Encryption

Minimize the risk of data leaks and breaches with email encryption & data-at-rest encryption for Office365, Workstations & Servers

24/7 Resource Monitoring

Our first line of defense against  potential threats is our RMM (resource monitoring) allowing us to prevent threats before they enter the network

What's Included in our Managed Security Solution?

We work around-the-clock to protect your network, endpoints and servers from cyber-attacks and threats. We monitor traffic & endpoints in real-time to quickly investigate potential threats. We ensure your data is safeguarded from ransomware, viruses, and threats by proactively searching for vulnerabilities & cyber-threats. 

  • Cyber Security Training for Employees
  • Spam Filtering / Email Threat Protection & Phishing Protection
  • Network Access Controls
  • Backup Verification & Testing
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Managed & Patched Endpoint Anti-Virus/Ransomware/Anti-Malware
  • Cloud 24/7 Monitoring & Real-Time Threat Protection
We secure data to prevent breaches & cyber-threats.

Our certified security consultants will identify best backup solutions and ensure the highest levels of redundancy are available for your network Infrastructure

Your network should be able to recover with minimal downtime in the event of a disaster. Our network consultants assure your network can handle a physical or virtual disaster with up to date backups and load balanced systems, to virtual machines that can temporarily house critical servers in the event of a major hardware failure. 

HIPAA sets the standard for healthcare and many financial industries to protect sensitive data pertaining to health care transactions and health identifiers. Our team takes measures to ensure all data stored within the network is encrypted & has the proper controls to prevent unauthorized access. 

Each endpoint on your network is fully protected and monitored with 24/7 anti-malware and anti-spyware protection. Our agent alerts our team of any potential threats to the endpoint that can quickly be scanned or quarantined to prevent cyber-threats from entering the network. 

We protect Office365 and Exchange with anti-phishing, spam filtering, malware filtering, and 24/7 monitoring of malicious activity on each email account. Our  team quickly responds to potential threats keeping your organization safe from spam and hackers through emails.

Your most valuable asset is your data, and we take great measures to protect that. Un-encrypted data at rest becomes a vulnerability in the event of a disaster or data breach. 

Depending on your industry, our cyber-security experts protect all data across the network from the first level of defense – properly configured enterprise firewalls, to local backups left on external drives.